Dental Crown

When a tooth becomes damaged or suffers advanced decay, or perhaps your tooth is damaged aesthetically –  a dental crown offers substantial coverage for the appearance of a new tooth when other cosmetic treatments aren’t enough.

What Is A Dental Crown ?

A crown is a restorative solution to a damaged tooth. Sometimes, a patient breaks a tooth by biting down on something hard or from some other physical impact. In other instances, you may suffer from a large cavity or undergo root canal treatment, which results in fragile tooth structure. A crown is hollow pieces of ceramic, custom-designed to look like your natural tooth. The crowns fit over your existing natural teeth to protect them and replace the esthetics and structure needed for daily function.

What Are the Benefits of  a Modern Dental Crown ?

A crown is a versatile restorative Prosthetic which can serve a variety of purposes. The benefits of a dental crown includes:

  • A crown protects the tooth to avoid tooth extraction.
  • A crown is completed as a last phase of root canal therapy, to prevent tooth fracture and fully restore the tooth.
  • You can achieve a natural-looking and beautiful tooth restoration.
  • Crowns are permanent, long-lasting restorations, requiring the normal daily care of natural teeth.

Do You Make A Good Candidate for a Dental Crown ?

If your tooth is healthy enough to remain in your mouth, but it requires additional coverage or support, you may make a wonderful candidate for a crown.