Your gums may not look as healthy and beautiful as you would like for a variety of reasons. In some cases, you may suffer from a “gummy smile” which causes your teeth to look quite short. Or, perhaps your gumline is uneven, resulting in an asymmetrical smile. In the case of disease, periodontitis may result in gum recession and gum pockets, causing an unsightly appearance and reduced tooth protection. If you wish to address your gumline, you may choose to reshape your gum tissue with gum contouring.

What Is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a surgical procedure used to reposition your gumline. Dr. Deyab will apply a local anesthetic and use a electro surgery, rather than a scalpel, to skillfully correct your tissue. In the case of a gummy smile, he will remove excess gum tissue to expose a greater portion of your teeth for a lengthened effect.

However, if you suffer from periodontal disease, you may require a gum grafting procedure to add gum tissue and lengthen the gumline. During periodontal disease, as your gum tissue becomes inflamed, it pulls away from your teeth, exposing your roots. Appropriate contouring includes a gum graft, which utilizes healthy tissue from your palate or neighboring gum tissue, to be added to and repair your recessed gums.

What Are the Benefits of Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring offers a variety of benefits, depending on your reason for undergoing the procedure. Take a look at some advantages of choosing gum contouring:

  • Transforms a “gummy smile” into a smile full of well-proportioned teeth
  • Corrects an uneven gumline for a symmetrical smile
  • Repairs damaged gums as a result of periodontal disease, for a restored smile and protective coverage of teeth roots
  • Dr. Deyab will use a surgical technique, which cauterizes as it works, thereby reducing bleeding and healing time
  •  Advanced Techniques offer antiseptic properties, which reduce your chance of post-procedural infection
  • Dr. Deyab’s state of the art equipment offers greater precision and control, when compared with manual tools

Do I Make A Good Candidate?

Does your smile and gumline dissatisfy you? Have you experienced the damaging effects of periodontal disease? Do you wish to reshape your gumline to protect your roots and improve the aesthetics of your smile? Whatever your concern, you will likely make a wonderful candidate for gum contouring.