When you experience a severe periodontal concern, you may need treatment from a Periodontist, who is a specialist in treats the surrounding bone and gums of your teeth also known as the “Periodontium.” Whether you suffer from mild to severe gum disease, a Periodontist will diagnose and treat your condition, returning your smile to optimal health and function.

What Is A Periodontist?

Periodontists specialize in treating the tissues that support your teeth, such as your gums and jawbone. Periodontists receive extensive training in these areas, including three additional years of advanced training beyond dental school. They are also trained in the placement of implants. While Dr. Deyab will restore your teeth, your Periodontist may need to restore the surrounding tissues when a problem arises.

When the plaque on your teeth hardens and turns into tartar – also called calculus – you may be at risk for developing gum disease. In its earliest stages, the bacteria within plaque move beneath your gum-line, causing mild irritation and inflammation. This is called Gingivitis, a reversible disease. However, once the disease progresses past Gingivitis, it is referred to as Periodontitis. These periodontal diseases require treatment beyond traditional cleanings. Whether you have Mild or Advanced Periodontal Disease, you may require treatment from a Periodontist. Periodontal treatment may include surgery to remove infected tissue. You may also require Gum-Contouring to repair recessed gums.